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Only three hours? #sparklemotion



first of all how dare you

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Turin, 06/07. Taken by Francesca Versari.

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ONE DIRECTION are to become top box office earners for a second time – by bringing their sell-out stadium tour to cinemas.

The world’s biggest band — HARRY STYLESNIALL HORANZAYN MALIKLIAM PAYNE andLOUIS TOMLINSON — will follow up their debut This Is Us with Where We Are: The Concert Film.

The movie, executively produced by SIMON COWELL, will be released in more than 50 countries on October 11 and 12.

A 1D source revealed: “This could become the biggest concert movie ever — there’s going to be more than 10,000 screenings internationally.

“So many 1D fans didn’t get the chance to buy tickets to the band’s show because the stadium tour sold out – but this means no one will have to miss out.”

The concert was filmed at Milan’s famous San Siro Stadium on June 28 and 29 as part of the stadium tour’s Italian leg.

The film has been made by Fulwell 73, the production team behind This Is Us.

It will feature a never-before-seen interview with the band opening up about their experiences on the road and will also include behind-the-scenes footage from the tour, which has been captured by the band’s close friend BEN WINSTON.

His team even filmed me a little bit while I was on the road with the band in Bogota, Colombia, during the tour’s South American leg.

1D proved they were a serious box office draw with This Is Us, which shot to the top of the box office last August here and in America, making over £40 million.

That should top-up the lads’ tattoo fund for a few more years. 


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"met zayn this morning waiting for the girls !!! He remembered my drawing that he kept ! he was really sweet xx

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